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2016.03.06 Clayton Kershaw's No-Hitter in 1 GIF

Clayton Kershaw's No-Hitter in 1 GIF

Just to prove how long I've kept some tabs open in my browser, this one dates back to June of 2014. Every now and then, I re-watch this looping gif, and love how the ball ends up in so many different places, with (seemingly) the exact same beginning. As a Dodgers fan, I love watching Clayton Kershaw pitch. #

2014.08.17 30 for 30 Shorts: The High Five

30 for 30 Shorts: The High Five

I'm so torn. I'm an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, yet I'm not much of a fan of the high-five. I tend to subscribe to the solid science I read years ago, and have used on countless over-users of the high five. That being said, this one story about an interaction between Glen Burke and Dusty Baker may be the thing that pushes me over the edge to actually high-five people. Maybe. #

2014.07.07 Tap In

Tap In

I've had this tab open in my browser for weeks now, as the World Cup has been going on. I love the design, and responsive nature of the site. It has clear information presented in a perfect way. Love it. #

2009.07.07 Versus | Tour de France - Live

I love The Tour de France. I've talked about it before. This year, American TV finally pulled their heads out, and made their broadcast available online. I'm in love, since I don't want to pay obscene money just to get one channel for the 21 stages. #

2009.07.07 Tour de France Chalkbot

Speaking of The Tour, I never knew something like this existed - a computer that prints out chalk messages on the road for the riders to see. The messages were obvious, but I never knew it was done by a computer on a trailer. Very slick. #

2007.10.26 2008 Tour de France: A classic course with many unknowns

Get pumped. The 2008 TdF course was announced. I like some of the history of this one and throwbacks to older times. Definitely pumped. #

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